Time to do something different.

My equine photography is not about what happens in the pressure of the show ring with everyone watching, it’s about the special relationship that exists between you and your horse on a daily basis, and the relaxing, fun times you spend together.

Anything goes, from jeans, to riding gear or even ball gowns and wedding dresses. One outfit or several, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Enjoy your session in the privacy of your stable yard and surrounding area or indulge in a day out with friends and
their  horses at a stunning location of your choice. Imagine a beautiful setting, leading on foot or galloping across
a beach with waves splashing or over a field together into a beautiful sunset.

  No pressure from me, we just go with the flow, and do what feels right to you on the day.
Above all, enjoy a relaxing and fun time with genuine, natural smiles.

 Having been a horse owner and lover for many years I know what to look for in a good equine picture. I know the paces and the moment
that makes a stunning photograph. I feel comfortable and happy when surrounded by horses and strive to capture something unique.

  This is about creating special memories and beautiful art.

 Time to relax.