Time to do something different.

This isn’t just award-winning pet photography, this is about the special relationship that exists between you and your companion
on a daily basis. I photograph all types of pets including reptiles and invertebrates but dogs tend to be my most frequent subject.

Enjoy your session in the privacy of your home, garden, favourite walk or out at a stunning location of your choice. Imagine a beautiful
setting, with you and your dog walking down a grassy pathway, along a beach or across a frosty field into a beautiful sunset.
Above all, enjoy a very relaxing day with genuine natural smiles 
and a fun time for all.

I have photographed dogs all over the UK, all types, from the ‘scruffy’ adored
 family pet to Cruft’s champions
and even famous dogs such as George with his owner Judith, from the best-selling “My life with George” novels.

Being a dog owner myself I know how to work with dogs. I know the moment that makes a stunning picture.
I will capture beautiful close-up portraits showing the character of your dog and fast action shots of your dog running and playing.

Happy dogs!  Dogs do smile … my pictures prove it!

This is about creating special memories and beautiful art.

Time to relax.